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SOAP Structure

To understand ORS SOAP API you must first understant its structure.

Content types

ORS currently supports 5 different content types. Each type has its own characteristics and therefore you must use a correct call method to get a desired content.

Content types:

  • pauschal : Under pauchal type are packages of Hotel accommodations and Charter flights.
  • hotel : This are accommodations only (without transfer)
  • trips : Trips (or Roundtrips) are special offers that includes different transfers from specified location and back (bus, plane, ship, train, …).
  • dhotel : This content type is used for direct hotel connections (NEW!).
  • charter : charter plane tickets
  • oneway : Plane tickets for one way travel
  • extras : Extra services. This content type is for special services / items that user can buy through ORS. For example: festival tickets, massage, bike riding, transfer, insurrance, …

Search parameters

Here is a list of possible ORS search parameters.

  • vnd : start date
  • bsd : end date
  • tdc : trip duration. Can also be a range ie: 5-8 , means from 5 to 8 days
  • toc : tour operator code (also known as CRS code). Each tour operator has its unique code.
  • epc : a number of adults traveling
  • ka1 : an age of first child
  • ka2 : an age of second child
  • ka3 : an age of third child
  • rgc : region code (search by single region id – it is better to use rgcs instead)
  • rgcs : extended rgc! You can put here region group IDs and region IDs, separated by comma.
  • zhc : iata code for destination airport
  • ahc : iata code for departure airport
  • hon : city name
  • oid : city id
  • htc : hotel code (also known as product code). Each tour operator sets unique code for different offer/package.
  • gid : giata id (unique hotel id set by GIATA standards).
  • htn : hotel name (also used as a name of other products like bus trips and so fort)
  • stc : hotel category (a number of stars that hotel has)
  • vpc : service type code (HP - half board, OV - no service, UF - breakfast only, …)
  • zac : room type code (DZ - double bed room, AP - appartment, ST - studio, …)
  • hsc : unique hash code of trip. This is used for booking.
  • sid : bus stop id (only in use for content type trips)
  • typ : content type (hotel, paushal, trips, charter, oneway)
  • prc : booking number
  • bkc : ORS internal booking number
  • sub : offer type (lastmin, earlybird) - to search for Lastminute or Firstminute offers

Some of the IDs for search parameters can be found on our CSV lists:

Service types:

Room types:


City ID's:

Hotel facts:

IATA Codes (airports):

Touroperators and their CRS codes:


SOAP Call is combined with api call and arguments. First argument is a string and represent call method. The rest of arguments are call method parameters.

API Call

To retrieve offers for a specific content type you must use a correct api call.


Use this syntax for using a correct call method: orsxml_{$typ}_api_call where $typ is a one of the available ORS content types.


// Example for 'hotel' call method
// ...use $typ to create a valid call method
$typ = 'hotel';
$soapClient->{"orsxml_{$typ}_api_call"}( 'regions', $searchParams, $header)
// ...or without $typ
$soapClient->orsxml_hotel_api_call( 'regions', $searchParams, $header)
// Example for 'pauschal' call method
$soapClient->orsxml_pauschal_api_call( 'regions', $searchParams, $header)
// Example for 'trips' call method
$soapClient->orsxml_trips_api_call( 'regions', $searchParams, $header)
// Example for 'extras' call method
$soapClient->orsxml_extras_api_call( 'offers', $searchParams, $header)
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