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SOAP Header Information

Almost all SOAP calls require $header array. Here you enter your licence information, default language code and session id.


  • lang : a return language that API returns. If you leave blank than a default language set on your ORS account is used.
  • usr : ORS account username
  • pass : ORS account password
  • agid : ORS account ID
  • ibeid : partner ID (affiliate)
  • sid : session ID. This ID must be unique for each user on your page because it is used for filtering and sorting of returned results
  • limits : to set maximum number of search results per page. Use 'p' for limit offers and 't' to limit trips (see example to understand the usage)
    • Maximum limit for offers … there is no limit (default: 1000 per page) … 0=all found objects
    • Maximum limit for trips is 10000 results per page (default: 1000) … 0=100000
  • xuser : user id for data export credentials
  • xpass : user password for data export credentials


Here is an example for setting $header array with demo licence information.

// ORSXML header information
$header = array(
    'lang'  => 'en',            // a return language
    'usr'   => 'xmldemo102',    // ORSXML user
    'pass'  => 'orsdemogh1',    // ORSXML password
    'agid'  => '5780',          // agency ID (or account id)
    'sid'   => session_id(),    // this is required so that filtering and sorting works correctly!
    'limits' => 'p:6,t:50',     // set limits (6 offers per page and 50 trips per page)
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