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Cancel method

Cancel booking. This method cancels booking on TourOperator side. After cancellation there can sometimes be cancellation costs. Most TourOperators supports cancel_info] request, that returns cancellation costs prior to cancellation.

Cancellation costs policies depends on TourOperator.


  • search (array) : booking number (prc) and touroperator code (toc) are required parameters
  • header (array) : SOAP Header Information

Return Values

Check book_info .

JSON Examples

@see ORS JSON API how to post request.

  "requestType" : "book",
  "action": "cancel",
  "search": {
    "prc": "5527588",
    "toc": "ODP"
  "header": {
    "lang": "[lang]",
    "usr" : "[usr]",
    "pass": "[pass]",
    "agid": "[agid]"
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