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SOAP Calls

Here are in more datail described all of the ORS SOAP Calls / Methods. Some of the methods are common to all content types and some are not.

Search methods:

  • regions : a list of available regions
  • offers : a list of available offers
  • trips : a list of available trips
  • units : a list of available units (rooms)
  • offerTripInfo : offer and trip info
  • offersDetails : offer details method (only available for trips content type at the moment)

Check methods:

  • Check method : an availability check (returns a total price for all passengers and offer status)
  • Flight info : returns flight informations

Booking methods

  • Register method : create a registration (non obligatory registration)
  • Book method : create obligatory booking
  • Option method : create a booking option (this method holds booking for a while and after a timeout a booking is either cancelled or fixed)
  • Option Fix method : this method fixes an option without waiting for timeout to complete
  • Book Info method : retrieve booking information

Info methods

  • Info method : return different information about property (description, weather info, ratings, …)
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